Earth Stability

Commercial Services

Slip Repairs - Roading and Commercial Properties

Six times industry award winner, Earth Stability is a leading specialist in slip repair works with a reputation for delivering cost-effective, practical and value driven solutions to exacting client specifications in the most challenging environments

We offer complete design and build solutions from initial consultation services through to design, costing, consents, construction and landscaping. 

Our innovative construction methods, techniques, management, design, and other processes routinely enable us to provide advantages to our clients such as the minimisation of costs and practical solutions for restricted access and environmentally and geologically significant sites.

Slope Reinforcement / Slope and Rock Face Stabilisation

Carrying out the majority of our work in slope reinforcement and slope and rock face stabilisation, Earth Stability is a market leader in this area. 

Earth Stability offers a complete slope reinforcement solution for any project (from small scale projects to large scale commercial or infrastructure projects).  Our work typically includes devegetation, scaling of loose material, the installation of anchors, rockbolts or soil nails, reinforcing or meshing, subsoil drainage and shotcreting.

Ground Anchoring

Soil nailing, rock bolts, ground anchors, mechanical anchors and self-drilling anchors

Earth Stability has the resources to drill, fabricate and install both temporary and permanent anchors.  We also specialise in percussion driven anchors, self-drilling anchors and strand anchors.

We have extensive experience of rock bolting projects in difficult locations including the use of elevated work platforms, rope access, confined spaces, road and rail sites and deep excavations.

We have a wide range of equipment from man-portable drills through to higher production large excavator mounted drilling rigs, enabling us to drill in any ground conditions, including the more delicate restricted access and environmentally and geologically sensitive environments through to large scale commercial and infrastructure projects

Earth Stability’s professional engineering teams can assist with design solutions, problem solving and construction advice in ground anchoring project of all scales and complexity.

Retaining Walls

Earth Stability specialises in the design and construction of retaining walls in those environments where conventional plant and methodology cannot be applied.

We have an extremely wide range of specialist equipment enabling us to safely and expertly mobilise materials to any site, regardless of any access restrictions.

Earth Stability routinely designs and builds all types of retaining walls including:

  • Timber walls
  • Concrete walls
  • Block walls
  • Shotcrete (sprayed concrete) walls
  • Gabion walls
  • Palisade/in-ground walls
  • Remediation and repairs to all types of existing retaining walls

Drilled Horizontal Drainage

Earth Stability utilises drilling techniques with dry recovery methods as an alternative to the more commonly used water flushing of holes.

This process provides numerous advantages to our clients such as;

  • No mess or clean up required
  • No requirement for vacuum loading trucks and disposal fees
  • Allowing works on a number of sensitive sites such as coastal, urban or close proximity to water courses



Earth Stability offers the following grouting services:

  • Pressure grouting
  • Void filling
  • Piling filling

Piling, Micropiling and Drilling

Earth Stability specialises in pilingmicropiling and drilling in work environments with low head room or restricted access

Our technical skills and experience, together with our specialist rigging equipment, enables us to undertake and complete micropiling and piling projects in the most difficult and demanding of ground conditions or environments.  

Our mobile grout batching and pumping equipment enables us to go beyond the capabilities of standard concrete pumping equipment and we are able to complete micropiling and piling from 75 mm up to 500mm diameter.

Our highly skilled team can assist with design solutions for all types of piling and micropiling works.

Earth Stability also offers drilling services as a standalone service in restricted access sites.

Shotcrete (sprayed concrete)

Earth Stability can provide a complete shotcrete (sprayed concrete) package, including the installation of anchors, rockbolts or soil nails, reinforcing or meshing, subsoil drainage and shotcreting.

We provide solutions for all types of projects from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial and infrastructure projects.

Temporary Works

Earth Stability is frequently engaged to carry out temporary works in smaller and larger scale projects including:

  • Temporary anchors/soil-nails
  • Temporary propping and shoring of excavations
  • Temporary piled excavations


Earth Stability is frequently engaged to carry out landscaping works, either as part of a ground stabilisation package, or for standalone projects such as landscape planting plans and extensive replanting of slopes to meet various consent requirements. 

Our highly skilled team can assist with design solutions for all types of landscaping works.

Anchor Testing

As an accredited ISO9001 service provider, Earth Stability undertakes anchor testing in all of its projects as a part of its quality processes and procedures. 

All of our equipment is modern and routinely calibrated and we offer anchor testing services for all situations in particular restricted access works where our specialised teams have the skills to provide assistance in otherwise challenging environments.

Rock Fall Barriers and Catch Fences

Earth Stability frequently builds and utilises rock fall barriers and catch fences both as part of a complete ground stabilisation package for an Earth Stability client or as contractor on another project.

In particular, Earth Stability’s expertise and experience in working in restricted access areas such as cliff faces, at height or on slopes, means that we are experts at the installation and use of rock fall barriers and catch fences which makes us a preferred provider of these systems.

Confined Space and Rope Access Works

Earth Stability carries out a huge amount of work in restricted access areas, which we believe is testament to our experience, expertise, attention to health and safety and environmental practices.

Since our establishment in 2012, we have been awarded three Civil Contractors New Zealand Awards (formerly New Zealand Contractors Federation) for health and safety and three Hynds Construction Awards, strongly evidencing our mission of delivering to our clients, safe, well managed projects, on time and to budget.  

Our vast expertise in this restricted access works enables us to design and recommend methodologies and techniques suitable for the most difficult and inaccessible of projects.  Our wide range of specialist plant means that often we can offer alternative and more cost-effective solutions to our clients.


Earth Stability has the experience and expertise to take on any underpinning project.

We have carried a number of underpinning projects including major underpinning works (for example, for BUPA Sunset Hospital and temporary underpinning to allow the excavation of a new lift shaft).  We have also carried out an extensive amount of smaller scale underpinning projects (such as driveways).

Our highly skilled teams can assist with design solutions for all types of underpinning works.